Junior School, Reception – Year 6

The Junior School Curriculum is designed to:

  • Develop an interest in learning and a desire to achieve personal excellence in all curriculum areas
  • Provide a sound training in the basic skills of Literacy and Numeracy
  • Develop an awareness and understanding of the world around us

We run a transition programme for kindergarten students entering school at Reception. This includes casual visits between school and kindy as well as formal visits for the students in the term before they start school. Intake of kindy students into Reception happens at the start of each year.

Middle School, Year 7-9

The learning environment in the middle school is designed to support the individual needs of our students as they become adolescents. We provide a diverse and rigorous curriculum that aims to engage students and provides opportunities to extend their skills, knowledge, confidence and independence Features of the Middle School:

  • Small class sizes for all classes Years 6-9
  • Access to specialist teachers and facilities e.g. Tech Studies, Home Economics
  • A planned integrated curriculum aiming for continuity from Years 6-9
  • Teaching and learning programmes with an emphasis in practical and ‘hands on’ activities to support and extend classroom work
  • Access to an extensive range of sporting activities e.g. swimming, sports carnivals and interschool events etc.
  • Student support programmes are offered within the curriculum.

Senior School, Year 10-12

The curriculum in the Senior School is geared to maintaining and enriching student engagement, whilst developing pathways into tertiary study and/or employment. We cater for individual needs and aspirations by providing the broadest possible options.

  • All students are given the opportunity to gain their SACE (South Australian Certificate of Education) through a broad range of course options
  • Students who want to go to University have a choice of academic subjects that will provide the necessary pre-requisites and skills
  • Students who are considering entry to TAFE, are provided with a variety of training options that have national accreditation and are recognised as valid inroads to Vocational Training
  • Students who look to move into the workplace before completing Year 12 are given counselling support in accessing opportunities for apprenticeships and further training in specific employment areas
  • We can also offer some subjects from the Open Access College. This broadens the choice of subjects for students and we will endeavour to support them.

The Senior School is an environment that is demanding, stimulating and supportive. Our focus is on students achieving their personal best as they make their transition into the adult world.

School hours

Supervision of students at school begins at 8:30 am each weekday.

Schools finishes at 3.00 pm on Wednesday, for staff meetings.

Home group 8:45 am 8:55 am
Lesson 1 8:55 am 9:40 am
Lesson 2 9:40 am 10:25 am
Recess 10:25 am 10:50 am
Lesson 3 10:50 am 11:35 am
Lesson 4 11:35 am 12:20 pm
Lesson 5 12:20 pm 1:05 pm
Lunch 1:05 pm 1:50 pm
Lesson 6 1:50 pm 2:35 pm
Lesson 7 2:35 pm 3:20 pm

Homework expectations

Junior School expectations:
  • Daily reading practice
  • Spelling practice from words in their diary
  • Regular practice of Maths skills eg counting, tables, writing numbers.
Middle School expectations:
  • Students and parents are issued with a homework timetable.
  • Homework will be relevant to class work.
  • A maximum of 4 lessons per night will be set.
Senior School expectations:
  • These vary according to the year level and courses of study.
  • Students are issued with a copy of the Senior School Homework Guidelines.
  • They are also available from the Front Office and can be viewed on the school website.

Religious education

From time to time students may be invited to participate in sessions organised in conjunction with local church leaders. Parents will be given notice of such sessions and are able to exempt their child from them.